Virus Removal

PLEASE READ: I have created a single removal tool to remove all known AIM viruses, called AIMFix. Before you contact me, please download and run AIMFix.

Note that some viruses reset your security settings to HIGH, making you unable to download AIMFix or other removal tools. Add as a trusted site (Tools menu, Internet Options, Security tab, Trusted Sites) and you will be able to download AIMFix.

For a list of symptoms to see if you may be infected, see the Symptoms Page

For more information on AIMFix see the AIMFix Page

If AIMFix is unable to delete a file or terminate a process, please see the Safe Mode page and follow the instructions to boot into Safe Mode, then run AIMFix again.

If AIMFix fails to detect your virus, please contact me with a HijackThis log included and I will update AIMFix to remove the virus for you.

If nothing is detected by AIMFix, you may attempt manual removal but the list of file names used by the viruses changes too rapidly to be updated here, so be aware that the virus file names listed likely will not exist on your system. You are best advised to contact me directly and I will help you individually.

Removal/Information pages:

Messages claiming to link to a broken Cingular ringtone service with free ringtones

Messages containing "Hey you can see who's blocking you on AIM! Download it now"

Messages containing "check out this!", "is this you", and so on

Links to ""

Links to ""

AIM crashes when sending or receiving messages, or you are unable to type in the IM window.

Links in messages to

Links in away messages and profiles leading to

Best Friends
Various links in away messages pointing to angelfire pages, bestfriends.scr, friends.scr, and photos.pif

Links leading to and related

Links to in your profile or away messages.

BestBuy Cam
Sends messages like "Check this cam im gettin from bestbuy piC" or "Yo!! Im gettin this camara! piC"

Links similar to "check this out:"

"an0th3r pr0fil3 0wN3d By b1Ld0" in your profile

Journal, Buddypicture, Talkstocks, Happy Holidays, Whoaaa, SurfonBeach, and ClickNewsNet virus variations

*DISCLAIMER*: These programs are provided at no charge, with no warranty, whether implied, imaginary, or otherwise. Should you use these programs, you use them at your own risk. I am not legally accountable in any way, shape, or form. By downloading them you are agreeing to remove certain files, which may or may not be related to ad-supported spyware/adware software. Your results may vary.